Welcome to DryDoQ Insights, the predictive tool that gives a representation of the in-service condition of the underwater hull of your vessels in terms of corrosion and fouling and helps you make more informed dry-docking decisions for a better performing fleet

Hull condition status, anytime, anywhere

DryDoQ Insights will give you a representation of the condition of the underwater hull's coating at anytime without any form of visual inspection. DryDoQ Insights does not require any additional sensoring or on-board equipment data. The tool provides you insights in the hull's condition of your entire fleet of vessels and can zoom-in on a single vessel.

Optimal maintenance planning & specification

DryDoQ Insights enables you to accurately define bespoke maintenance specifications for a ship meeting the exact requirements for the next Dry-Dock. It ensures accurate and optimal planning & specification which transforms your dry-docking into your competitive edge.

Artificial Intelligence

The unique capacity of DryDoQ Insights to accurately predict a ships hull surface condition is based on proprietary data, which has been enriched with multiple external data sources. With this information, data scientists have been able to develop complex algorithms which predict the level of surface breakdown and the specific areas of concern. These predictive models take into account your specific vessel type, trading pattern and previous dry-docking events.
The most accurate predictive model for dry dock maintenance ever.
The last thing a ship owner wants is unpredictable and unplanned costs
- Hull & Corrosion Engineer
DryDoQ Insights will help unify and standardize the characterization of hull condition, helping everybody
- Fleet Manager
The more insight in the extent of the jobs that need to be done, the more reliable the planning. Up to this point, I have seen no solution that solves this
- Superintendent

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